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We are freed from the prison of reactivity only when we can begin to be present

for the sensations in the body that result from the stimulus of thoughts or senses. 

-Stephen Cope, psychotherapist and yoga teacher

After graduating from Northwestern University, Lora earned a Master’s of Public Health in Community and International Health from New York University. She sees trauma as a significant public health challenge of our time and believes that somatic interventions—like yoga—aid and empower persons experiencing and recovering from chronic stress or trauma. Lora comes to yoga with lived experience in recovering from complex trauma. She knows yoga is a remarkable tool for those living with the physical, emotional, psychological, and social impacts of chronic stress or traumatic experiences.

Yoga Beyond Trauma (YBT) developed from her desire to share this powerful practice with others in her community. To support her decade-long practice and further her study of yoga and trauma, she pursued her yoga teaching certificate through A2 Yoga in Ann Arbor, and completed facilitator certification in Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, the first SAMHSA approved, evidence-based yoga methodology for psychological trauma in the world. She also studies Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven, PhD. 

In your own time and when you are ready to begin practicing being with your body sensations, YBT is a yoga practice that may be accessible to you. YBT is not focused on developing flexibility and strength, though those experiences could be a possibility. Instead, YBT invites and empowers you to mindfully re-connect and experience body sensation the present moment while taking action with your body in ways that support your unique needs. You are invited to make choices—in each moment—that help you explore what feeling and sensation in your body is like for you.